Be Intentional in Relationships (Luke 9:1-18)

Luke 9:1-18
Discussion Questions:
  • Read Luke 9:1-18 together. What mission did Jesus send the disciples on?
  • Why does Jesus make it a point to spend time with the 12 alone?
  • Summarize Mark 9 and Matthew 26 together. Why does Jesus separate Peter, James, and John from the 12?
  • Does this look like favoritism to you?
  • What would we say to someone today that had a select few they poured into the most?
  • Read 2 Timothy 2:2 together. Who are you teaching how to teach others?
  • How are you purposefully investing in other people and training them how to invest in others?
  • Spend some time sharing prayer requests and praying for each other before dismissing.

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