Preparation for Worship (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Discussion Questions:
  • What do you think constitutes living a wise life? What do you think constitutes living a foolish life?
  • Read together Ecclesiastes 5:1-7.
  • Do you feel like you sometimes approach God or approach church like going to a movie?
  • As people, we often struggle with listening. We tend to listen to respond rather than listen to understand. How can you improve your listening skills (both listening to God and in other relationships)? Have others often told you that you do not listen?
  • As you listen to God, the Holy Spirit will begin to inform you in the next steps that you are to take. How well do you listen to those next steps? What can you do to help each other commit to responding when God speaks?
  • Do you feel like yo approach God hastily at times? What elements come into play that cause you to hastily approach God?
  • Read together the parable of Christ from the sermon. (Luke 18:1-14)
  • We would probably never say something like this openly. Do we sometimes have this heart in the way we act?
  • What are the dangers we encounter whenever we believe that we are righteous? What happens when we believe we are better than those around us? What kind of reaction do those people have to Christians?
  • How many times have you made a flippant promise to God? How can those in this room help you to be accountable to the promises you make to God?
  • After studying the Scripture, what does the Bible say constitutes a wise life? What does the Bible say constitutes a foolish life?
    • How do these answers compare or contrast with how you answered the first question?

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