True Repentance (Nehemiah 9)

Nehemiah 9
Discussion Questions:
  • Read Nehemiah 9:1-3. It was stated in the sermon that the people went through rituals that reflected the status of their hearts. For example, the dusting their heads and wearing of rags indicated their sinfulness and filthiness before God. How do you feel about that outward example of their inward condition?
  • What would it be like to go to church today and dress the condition of our hearts?
  • What would your outward appearance reveal about your inward condition?
  • The children of Israel responded to the completion of the wall with the reading of God’s Word and praise. How do you typically respond whenever God completes a season in your life?
  • How do we typically respond whenever we first encounter an obstacle? Do we respond the same way as we do whenever the wall is completed?
  • True repentance always brings about a change in our lives. Do you agree or disagree? What are some elements of Scripture that support your stance?
  • The element of a wise person is that they change and adapt to wrongs in their lives. A foolish person continues to do the same thing without ever changing. What aspects of a wise person do you have? What aspects of a foolish person have?
  • How is God working in your life right now? What things is He working with you on improving?
  • Share prayer requests with each other and spend some time praying for one another.

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